Enigma – The Fall Of A Rebel Angel (2016)

Enigma – The Fall Of A Rebel Angel (2016)

enigma-the-fall-of-a-rebel-angel-2016FICHA TÉCNICA:
Artista: Enigma
Álbum: The Fall Of A Rebel Angel
Género: Electrónica, New Age
Año: 2016
Calidad: mp3 320 Kbps
Tamaño: 269 MB

CD 1:
1 Circle Eight [feat. Nanuk]
2 The Omega Point
3 Diving
4 The Die Is Cast [feat. Mark Josher]
5 Mother [feat. Anggun]
6 Agnus Dei
7 Sadeness (Part II) [feat. Anggun]
8 Lost In Nothingness
9 Oxygen Red [feat. Anggun]
10 Confession Of The Mind
11 Absolvo
12 Amen [feat. Aquilo]

CD 2:
1 The Story Of ‘Circle Eight’
2 The Story Of ‘The Omega Point’
3 The Story Of ‘Diving’
4 The Story Of ‘The Die Is Cast’
5 The Story Of ‘Mother’
6 The Story Of ‘Agnus Dei’
7 The Story Of ‘Sadeness (Part II)’
8 The Story Of ‘Lost In Nothingness’
9 The Story Of ‘Oxygen Red’
10 The Story Of ‘Confession Of The Mind’
11 The Story Of ‘Absolvo’
12 The Story Of ‘Amen’
CD 3:
1 La Historia De ‘Circle Eight’
2 La Historia De ‘The Omega Point’
3 La Historia De ‘Diving’
4 La Historia De ‘The Die Is Cast’
5 La Historia De ‘Mother’
6 La Historia De ‘Agnus Dei’
7 La Historia De ‘Sadeness (Part II)’
8 La Historia De ‘Lost In Nothingness’
9 La Historia De ‘Oxygen Red’
10 La Historia De ‘Confession Of The Mind’
11 La Historia De ‘Absolvo’
12 La Historia De ‘Amen’
CD 4:
1 L’Histoire De ‘Circle Eight’
2 L’Histoire De ‘The Omega Point’
3 L’Histoire De ‘Diving’
4 L’Histoire De ‘The Die Is Cast’
5 L’Histoire De ‘Mother’
6 L’Histoire De ‘Agnus Dei’
7 L’Histoire De ‘Sadeness (Part II)’
8 L’Histoire De ‘Lost In Nothingness’
9 L’Histoire De ‘Oxygen Red’
10 L’Histoire De ‘Confession Of The Mind’
11 L’Histoire De ‘Absolvo’
12 L’Histoire De ‘Amen’

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